Glamping at Farm Fjord: A Shanghai Christmas Like No Other

Glamping at Farm Fjord: A Shanghai Christmas Like No Other

Winter's Charm Meets Luxurious Comfort

This Christmas, embark on an extraordinary winter glamping adventure at Farm Fjord in Shanghai, where the usual chill of winter camping is transformed into a cozy, comfortable experience. Our heated and insulated tents provide a warm haven from the crisp outdoor air, offering an inviting escape from Shanghai's humid summers. The charm of the season is further enhanced with wood campfires scattered across the site for gathering under the starlit sky, and heated kitchens and bathrooms for your comfort. These thoughtful amenities ensure that your connection with nature is comfortably warm, making Farm Fjord the perfect blend of outdoor beauty and home-like comfort.

Embrace the Festive Season with a Special Twist

At Farm Fjord, we offer an all-inclusive glamping experience that eliminates the need to worry about packing. Instead of contemplating what to bring, you can focus on what you can leave behind. Simply bring your food and wine, as well as your personal belongings, and we will take care of the rest​​.

Luxury and Comfort in Nature's Lap

Each of our glamping tents is a haven of comfort, boasting fully carpeted interiors, twin-sized beds, and customized layouts to suit your family needs. Complete with full electricity and heaters, these tents are designed for a cozy stay during the cold winter months​​.

Winter Canoeing and Riverside Relaxation

Discover the joy of canoeing in winter with our special gear that keeps you warm while you paddle through serene waters. Each tent near the water has its own dock and canoe, allowing you to explore neighboring villages at your leisure​​.

A Farm Experience Like No Other

Farm Fjord, a working farm, offers a unique glamping setting. Your tent will be set amongst rice fields, offering privacy and a connection with nature. The farm is dotted with hammocks, meditation pads, bamboo forests, and boardwalks, inviting you to explore and relax amidst the natural beauty​​.

Culinary Delights in a Full Kitchen

Our fully equipped kitchen is a highlight for many guests. With a full-size refrigerator, dishwasher, and all necessary cooking and cleaning supplies, you can prepare warm, festive meals or simply enjoy hot beverages under the clear Shanghai skies​​.

Comfortable and Practical Amenities

To ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible, our facilities include clean, practical shower and restroom amenities with hot water, exceeding the standards of typical campsites​​.

Join us at Farm Fjord for a Christmas celebration that's as unique as it is memorable. Book now for an enchanting holiday experience that combines the serene beauty of winter in Shanghai with the warmth and comfort of luxury glamping. To make your reservation or to inquire about our special Christmas packages, please contact Jack at Farm Fjord. He'll be delighted to assist you with your booking and answer any questions you may have. Celebrate this festive season in a way like never before, amidst the tranquil charm of Farm Fjord's winter wonderland.