Embracing Harmony: Sound Bath and Outdoor Wisdom at Farm Fjord

Embracing Harmony: Sound Bath and Outdoor Wisdom at Farm Fjord

In the serene setting of Farm Fjord, we recently hosted an event that beautifully married the ancient practice of Sound Bath with the rustic charm of outdoor living. A Sound Bath is a meditative experience where participants are 'bathed' in sound waves produced by instruments like singing bowls, gongs, and chimes. These vibrations are known to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance mental clarity. Hosting a Sound Bath at Farm Fjord, nestled amidst the natural beauty of Chongming Island and a mere 90-minute drive from Shanghai​​, aligns perfectly with our ethos of connecting with nature and self. The tranquil surroundings amplify the therapeutic effects of the sound waves, creating a deeply immersive and healing experience.

FeiFei: A Maestro of Healing and Artistry

Leading this unique sound journey was FeiFei, a revered figure in the realm of holistic health and behavioral art. As a Dan Yoga instructor, practitioner of behavioral art, national-level psychological counselor, American NGH-certified hypnotherapist, and a certified music therapist from the Himalayan Traditional Healing Center, FeiFei brings a rich tapestry of knowledge and experience. Her academic journey, including a Master's degree in Applied Psychology from CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies), has shaped her into a healthcare worker dedicated to improving modern psychophysical sub-health and accepting the challenges of life - the gifts of existence. FeiFei's dream is to integrate dance, natural healing body training, traditional Chinese medicine, and East-West integrated psychology into experiential courses and effective tools for personal growth and community support.

FeiFei: A Symphony of Healing Sounds
As dusk fell, our guests, comfortably settled in their spacious, fully-equipped glamping tents complete with twin-sized beds, electricity, and cozy reading chairs​​, gathered in a circle around FeiFei. With her array of Tibetan singing bowls and gongs, FeiFei commenced a sound bath session, the vibrations harmoniously blending with nature's own symphony. The experience was not just auditory; it was a journey through senses, with each resonating note deepening the guests' connection to the natural world around them.

Jack: Reconnecting with Nature
Jack, the owner of Farm Fjord, shared his insights on embracing outdoor life. His philosophy, 'Disconnect to Connect,' resonated deeply with the guests. He advocated for setting aside electronic gadgets and mundane concerns to reforge genuine connections with oneself, loved ones, and nature​​. Emphasizing 'Less is More,' Jack led interactive sessions on basic camping skills, including tent setup, campfire management, meal preparation, and no-trace principles in the wilderness​​. He also introduced canoeing on the farm's private water areas and rice farming, aligning with Farm Fjord's identity as a working farm nestled among rice fields​​​​.

The Fusion of Sound and Nature
The event uniquely combined FeiFei's sound therapy with Jack's outdoor sessions. As the day unfolded, guests indulged in canoeing, relishing the tranquility of the waterways adjoining their personal dock areas​​, followed by hands-on farming experiences. As evening approached, they gathered around their individual fire pits, experimenting with campfire cooking, before immersing themselves in FeiFei's sound bath session. This blend of activities fostered a deep sense of tranquility and connection.

Facilities and Amenities at Farm Fjord
The Farm Fjord experience is all about comfort and convenience. Guests enjoy a range of amenities, including unlimited firewood, cooking utensils, and even dishwashers​​. The kitchen is fully equipped with a refrigerator and dishwasher, enabling guests to prepare and enjoy their meals with ease​​. The shower and restroom facilities, while not luxurious, exceed typical campsite standards, ensuring a comfortable stay​​. Moreover, parking and EV charging outlets are available for guests, adding to the convenience​​.

A Journey of Rejuvenation and Connection
In essence, this unique event at Farm Fjord was a harmonious blend of relaxation, self-discovery, and nature immersion. FeiFei's rich background in holistic health and Jack's philosophy of simplicity and connection with nature offered our guests a profound experience that left them rejuvenated and more deeply connected to the world around them. Farm Fjord stands as a testament to the beauty and serenity of natural living, a haven where tranquility and luxury coexist.