A Weekend of Danish Delights and Adventure at Farm Fjord

A Weekend of Danish Delights and Adventure at Farm Fjord

A Diverse Gathering at Farm Fjord

Last weekend, Farm Fjord welcomed a vibrant group of expats, friends, and families who came together to enjoy the great outdoors and create lasting memories. Among them were Danish expat families who gathered to celebrate a special birthday. With a total of 20 guests in attendance, 10 of them chose to stay overnight in our comfortable "Ready-to-camp" tents, while one adventurous guest opted to pitch her own tent at our "Bring-your-own" campground.

"Ready to Camp" Tent

Danish Culinary Adventures Under the Stars

With the help of our canvas kitchen tent and outdoor kitchen facilities, the group embarked on a culinary journey, creating delicious Danish birthday cakes, known as "lagkage" or "layer cake". These cakes typically consist of several layers of sponge cake, fruit, and whipped cream, adorned with colorful icing and decorations. The group also prepared a scrumptious BBQ dinner and breakfast, all cooked on-site, showcasing their culinary skills while enjoying each other's company.

Bonfire Stories, Danish Wine, and Canoeing to Heartland

As the evening progressed, the group gathered around the bonfire, sharing stories and laughter while savoring a few bottles of Danish wine. The night was filled with warm conversation, creating a cozy atmosphere under the starlit sky.

The next day, the guests were eager to explore the countryside of Shanghai by canoe. They paddled their way to Heartland, a hand-crafted canoe workshop built by a local architect. The visit to Heartland was a delightful surprise, uncovering the hidden charm of Shanghai's rural landscape and the talent of its craftsmen.

This unforgettable weekend at Farm Fjord, filled with Danish culinary delights, warm conversations, and adventurous exploration, brought together friends and families in a celebration of life's simple pleasures.