Spring Delights and New Additions at Farm Fjord

Spring Delights and New Additions at Farm Fjord

Celebrating the First Major Holiday at Farm Fjord

Farm Fjord recently celebrated its first major holiday since the soft launch a couple of weeks ago. As the spring season sets in, the rice fields surrounding the tents are starting to grow, enhancing the picturesque charm of the farm and making each stay even more enjoyable.

Exciting Improvements and Additions at Farm Fjord

We've been busy making Farm Fjord even more comfortable and welcoming for our guests. Some of our latest additions include:

A vintage-style wood deck surrounding an old tree, perfect for reading or practicing yoga in a serene setting

A new, well-loved Springbar tent from Utah, America, generously donated by a dear friend. Look for the signature tag by the tent door, signed by the artisans who crafted the tent!

An exclusive glamping pad with a smaller Springbar tent for solo travelers seeking a cozy, intimate space.

A brand new ice maker in the kitchen to kick off the summer season.


Guests Enjoying Farm Fjord's Unique Offerings

During the holiday week, Farm Fjord welcomed several families, with our host Jack ensuring a smooth check-in and helping everyone settle in. Some adventurous families paddled their way to The Heartland, a canoe workshop 2 km down the river.

A couple of young, energetic ladies spent a delightful night at our farm, catching up and enjoying some quality reading time. Another guest, a young entrepreneur, showcased her handmade candles, which we're excited to share with future guests.

Of course, no luxurious camping experience is complete without gathering around the campfire in the evening, savoring good food and wine. We provide all the firewood you need to create that perfect campfire ambiance.

Reconnect at Farm Fjord

At Farm Fjord, our vision is to provide the perfect outdoor environment for guests to reconnect with friends, family, and their inner selves through activities like reading, yoga, or simply enjoying a good glass of wine by the campfire. We look forward to helping you reconnect soon!