Embracing the tradition of Rice Harvesting in Shanghai

Embracing the tradition of Rice Harvesting in Shanghai

At Farm Fjord, our mission is to create a truly unique camping experience. It is not just about pitching a tent and to call it a night. It is also a boutique farm that offers more than just a retreat from the city's bustle—it offers a journey, a journey of farm-to-table. Rice Harvesting is a tale of the earth's generosity, a story woven into the very stalks of rice that sway gently in the autumn breeze. It's an experience that combines the rustic charm of glamping with the age-old traditions of rice harvesting. Here, at this small farm, the essence of organic farming and the soul of Chinese agrarian culture are yours to discover.

The farm, a patchwork quilt of paddies, is a living mosaic of China's agricultural heritage. It's harvest season, and the air is thick with anticipation. Each grain of rice has been nurtured organically, free from the touch of synthetic chemicals, promising a harvest that's as pure as the intentions behind it.

From Spectator to Harvester

Guests at the farm don't just observe—they participate. Clad in straw hats and wielding traditional tools, they step into the muddy embrace of the rice paddies. Guided by local farmers whose hands tell stories of seasons past, visitors learn the delicate art of harvesting rice. It's a ballet of synchronized movements: the slicing of sickles, the gentle rustle of rice stalks, and the rhythmic hum of the threshing machine—a dance that has remained unchanged for centuries.


But this farm isn't rooted solely in tradition. Innovation has a place here too, as guests are also taught to operate modern machinery designed to ease the labor-intensive process of harvesting. The juxtaposition of manual techniques with mechanical assistance serves as a powerful reminder of the evolution of farming through the ages.

Under the Canvas: Slumber Amongst the Stalks

As night descends, the farm transforms. Guests retreat to the constellation of glamping tents and campsites scattered at the edge of the rice fields. The tents, luxurious and well-appointed, offer a night's rest under a tapestry of stars, with the silhouette of swaying rice stalks framing the night sky. It's an opportunity to live within the pulse of the farm, to sleep and wake with the rhythms of the rural landscape.

Learning and Living the Farmer's Toil

The true heart of the experience lies in the daylight hours spent alongside local farmers. Guests roll up their sleeves and delve into the myriad tasks that define the farmer's day. It's an education in the truest sense: hands in the earth, planting, tending, and understanding the lifecycle of the rice plant. There's wisdom here, in the furrows of the farmers' brows and the calluses on their hands—a wisdom that speaks of resilience, respect for the land, and the value of hard work.


The Table is Set: A Taste of Labor's Fruit

As the farm toils, it also nurtures. Meals are communal affairs, where guests savor the fruits of their labor. Rice, fresh from the harvest, takes center stage, complemented by a spread of local delicacies. It's a gastronomic celebration of local food, where every bite is a morsel of the land's story—a tribute to the cycle of sowing, growing, and harvesting.

Reflections in the Paddy Water: A Lesson in Appreciation

The experience at this boutique farm is more than just a pastoral escape; it's a profound lesson in appreciation. In the reflection of the paddy waters, one sees not just the sky but the interconnection of life, labor, and sustenance. To harvest your own rice is to form an indelible bond with the farmer's journey, to understand the true cost of the food that graces our tables.

As guests depart, they take with them more than just memories. They carry a newfound respect for the intricacies of rice farming, a deeper appreciation for organic agriculture, and a sense of peace gleaned from living in harmony with the land—even if just for a moment. This boutique farm doesn't just grow rice; it cultivates experiences, educates palates, and sows seeds of understanding about the vital, often overlooked, art of farming.

The rice field harvest at this small farm in China is more than an agricultural practice; it's a ritual that binds human to earth, past to present, and visitor to the visceral beauty of rural life. And as the moon rises over the quiet fields, it illuminates not just the end of a day, but the continuation of a timeless legacy.