Uniting Under the Stars: American Express at Farm Fjord

Uniting Under the Stars: American Express at Farm Fjord

Farm Fjord recently welcomed the American Express team for an extraordinary team-building event, blending adventure with luxury in our inaugural corporate glamping experience.

A Warm Welcome

As the sun set, the American Express team arrived, trading cityscapes for the tranquil embrace of Farm Fjord’s nature retreat. Our luxury tents awaited, offering the comforts of home in the heart of the wilderness.

Evening Festivities

The evening kicked off with handcrafted drinks at the Wild Bar, the laughter and conversations flowing as freely as the cocktails. Later, a bonfire under the stars became the night’s gathering point, with the crackle of firewood underscoring new connections.

Culinary Delight

Dinner was a rustic yet refined feast, featuring a succulent whole lamb BBQ that tantalized the senses. This gourmet experience under the stars celebrated the local harvest and strengthened team bonds over shared plates.

River Canoeing Adventure

Come morning, a canoeing adventure down the local rivers provided a mix of tranquility and teamwork. The American Express team paddled in harmony, navigating the peaceful waters, fostering a spirit of collaboration.

Reflection and Departure

The retreat concluded with a collective sense of achievement and relaxation. Canoeing had tested and built teamwork, and the evening's open conversations sparked new insights, proving Farm Fjord to be the perfect backdrop for corporate bonding.

Join Us at Farm Fjord

Farm Fjord’s first corporate event with American Express set the standard for an enriching team experience. Interested in your own team-building retreat? Contact Farm Fjord for an unforgettable blend of nature, luxury, and camaraderie.

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